Ian Brodie, Ian's Wood Shop customade bespoke wooden boxes

My name is Ian Brodie, I create fine decorative hardwood boxes from my small workshop in South Manchester.

Having worked within a number of different industries, the one constant within my life has always been my love of woodwork. To that end in 2009 Ian's Wood Shop was born, rebranded as Fine Handmade Boxes in 2020.

Initially I was making anything from wood, from fitted and free standing furniture, to cupboards and shelving etc. I then made my first jewellery box and realised that this was where I wanted to concentrate my efforts.

With a box being small and relatively simple in nature, it means that there is nowhere to hide in relation to accuracy and attention to detail.

Each box is made using beautiful hardwood timber and veneers from around the world.

Since those early days of that initial box, I have now made boxes for people and companies from all walks of life and sent them as far afield as Dubai and Australia.