Boxes for Sale
Pivot Lid Boxes
Leopardwood Pivot Lid Box
Bolivian Rosewood Pivot Lid Box
Wenge Pivot Lid Box
Bocote Pivot Lid Box
Padauk Pivot Lid Box
Pau Rosa Pivot Lid Box
Jewellery Boxes
American Black Walnut Veneered Jewellery Box - Red Interior
Birds Eye Maple Jewellery Box
American Black Walnut Veneered Jewellery Box - Purple Interior
Walnut Burr Jewellery Box - Purple Interior
Walnut Burr Jewellery Box - Red Interior
Oak Jewellery Box with Black Walnut Trim
Oak Jewellery Box
Panelled Burr Walnut Jewellery Box
Desk Boxes
Sycamore and Black Walnut Desk Box
Black Walnut Document Box with Random Pattern Lid
Burr Oak Desk Box
Curved Oak Desk Box
Curved Zebrano Desk Box
Curved Ebiara Desk Box
Curved Purpleheart Desk Box
Curved Wenge Desk Box
Black Walnut Document Box with Burr Panel Lid
Keepsake Boxes
Ripple Sycamore Keepsake Box
Black and Orange Veneered Keepsake Box
Orange and Black Veneered Keepsake Box
Maple and Black Walnut Keepsake Box
Ripple Sycamore Keepsake Box
Grey and Blue Veneered Keepsake Box
Blue and Grey Veneered Keepsake Box
Gentleman's Boxes
Macassar Ebony Cufflink Box
Burr Oak Watch/Valet Box
Trinket Boxes
Leopardwood and Burr Ash Trinket box
Purpleheart and Burr Ash Trinket Box
Ovangkol and Burr Ash Trinket Box
Indian Rosewood and Burr Ash Trinket box
Small Square Trinket Box
Ripple Sycamore and Black Walnut Trinket Box
Quilted Maple Trinket Box
Quilted Maple and Indian Rosewood Trinket Box
Leopardwood and Burr Walnut Trinket Box
Miscellaneous Boxes
Black Walnut Bridge Box
Box Gallery
Presentation Boxes
Black Walnut Burr Veneered Tumbler Presentation Box
Fingerjointed Presentation Box
Carving Set Presentation Box
Bespoke Presentation Box
Black Walnut Presentation Box
Shallow presentation Box
Custom Presentation Boxes
Glass Tumbler Presentation Box
Oak Presentation Box
Custom Zebrano Presentation Cases
Black Walnut Presentation Box
Veneered Whiskey Bottle Box
Mitred Maple Presentation Box
Jewellery Boxes
American Black Walnut Jewellery Box
Black Walnut Burr Veneered Jewellery Box
Black Walnut Jewellery Drawers
Classic Oak Jewellery Box
Large Oak Jewellery Box
Gentleman's Boxes
Gentleman's American Black Walnut Valet Box
Gents Cufflink Box
Oak Cufflink Box
Gentleman's Watch Box
Desk Boxes
Spalted Beech Desk Box
Black Walnut Desk Box
Plain Oak Desk Box
Keepsake Boxes
Veneered Geometrical Keepsake Box
Trinket Boxes
Maple Trinket Box
American Black Walnut Trinket Box
Huon Pine Trinket Box
Memory Boxes
Sycamore Memory Boxes
Ring Boxes
Huon Pine Ring Boxes
Miscellaneous Boxes
Chess Box
Zebrano Tea Caddy
Zebrano Veneered Storage Case
Black Walnut Heirloom Box
Large Maple Storage Case
Magician's Table Case
Black Walnut Embroidery Box
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